About Us

Homium is transforming home equity into an investable asset class.

What We Do

Homium helps homeowners unlock trapped home equity. We create a base-layer asset for institutional investors.

We use technology to build a radically transparent tokenized security, backed by shared appreciation second mortgages, and facilitate a massive new capital flow from investors to homeowners.  Using industry leading partners in mortgage lending and compliance, Homium tokens deliver unlevered home price appreciation, giving portfolios an inflation hedge that is marked-to-market, secured to title, tradeable and liquid. For the first time, investors can invest side-by-side with homeowners to create an asset that hedges against inflation and provides a new source of uncorrelated return.
Mission and Values
Our mission is to unlock the benefits of homeownership for everyone, enabling generational wealth transfer and closing the affordability gap in ways that aren’t possible with traditional financing.
Homium leverages capital markets to unlock home equity at scale through a fair and transparent product that puts homeowners interests first. At Homium, we view home equity not only in terms of family net worth, but as the promise for future wealth creation and social well being. Homium enables institutional investors to participate in the owner-occupied real estate sector like never before.
Fair & Transparent
Our core principles are Fairness and Transparency, in everything we do. Every loan that backs Homium is made in full compliance with all disclosure requirements and with simple and transparent terms.
Secure & Data Rich
Every Homium loan is secured to title, its value marked to its local home price index on a monthly basis. Investors have unprecedented visibility into data on the portfolio and its underlying assets and audit records.
Value Leads Innovation
Homium uses cutting edge technology to lower the cost to homeowners and improve returns and outcomes for investors, cutting out expensive third parties and inefficiencies while increasing security and transparency.



Homium Management Team

Homium in Defi

A Stable Reserve Asset for a Decentralized Economy

“Institutional investors need a large-scale, inflation-hedged, and digitally native asset class like Homium to use as a secure alternative to fiat-pegged stablecoins for use in automated market-making in compliant DeFi applications.”
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Homium makes home equity accessible for homeowners and creates a new institutional asset class that permanently changes the game.

Let’s do it together.