A Home Equity Loan for the 21st Century

Homium lets institutions partner with homeowners to unlock a new, multi-trillion dollar asset class and transform home financing.
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different from existing home equity and shared appreciation products
What is Homium?

Innovation that helps homeowners, investors, and the economy.

Homium partners with loan originators to offer a shared appreciation home equity loan with no interest or monthly payments.  Homium enables homeowners to partner with institutional investors to access trapped home equity on fair and transparent terms. Homeowners keep control of their most important asset and gain a partner in its future growth. Institutional investors get a new asset class with the potential to generate alpha.
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Transforming home equity into an investable, digital asset.

Homium unlocks home equity as a large-scale investment opportunity for institutions by offering a private digital security backed by pooled, on-title shared appreciation mortgage loans. Investors gain exposure to home price appreciation without the commercial and operational risk in traditional real estate. With the liquidity and functionality of a natively digital asset, Homium enables institutional investors to help homeowners while sharing in the upside of home equity as an asset class.
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How Homium Works

Homium uses technology to shrink the distance between homeowners and institutional investors.

Social Impact

Homium bolsters homeownership and enables wealth creation, while helping to reduce housing inequity and displacement.

For homeowners in gentrifying areas, Homium lets them tap the growth in their home equity without increasing their monthly housing costs. This lets longtime residents stay in the neighborhoods they built while paying for college or passing wealth to the next generation.
For homeowners seeking savings from energy improvements like solar panels, a shared appreciation note can replace energy-upgrade targeted lending and achieve monthly savings immediately, not just after the debt is paid off.
For municipalities and states that use policy to encourage home ownership as a means for middle class economic prosperity, Homium reduces the turnover of residential homes into commercialized housing stock, increasing social cohesion and investment in neighborhoods, schools, and municipal life.

Homium makes home equity accessible for homeowners and creates a new institutional asset class that permanently changes the game.

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