Homium is a fast and simple way for homeowners to leverage their home’s equity.

Offer your clients a superior shared appreciation loan product with a simple pitch and seamless process. Now you can let borrowers leverage a slice of their home equity and make no payments until they choose to sell or refinance and repay only the percent they secured.
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Simple terms
Easily underwritten
Streamlined Process
What is Homium

A Fair and Transparent Loan

For borrowers with equity that do not want monthly payments or additional interest burden, a Homium shared appreciation mortgage loan is an attractive option.  When compared to other options (HELOCs, HEIs), Homium loans are more fair, less complex, more transparent, and considerably more affordable over the life cycle of the loan.  In most cases, Homium loans cost less, are easier to understand and provide far more flexibility and independence for a homeowner when compared to similarly positioned products.
How Homium Works
Why Homium?

Easy Application with a Familiar Process

Applying for a Homium loan is a familiar process for you and your clients. A Homium loan is brokered, disclosed and underwritten like any second mortgage. Interested in offering a Homium shared appreciation loan to your clients?
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Easy to Implement and Versatile for a Variety of Situations

Versatile for a Variety of Loan Situations
Use of funds by the borrower is not restricted and can be used for home improvement, to pay down debt, or for life’s big events like college, weddings, or to pass down to the next generation.
Simple Terms
Homium secures a fixed percentage of your home’s equity and pays off only when you sell or refinance your home. It couldn’t be simpler.
Easily Underwritten
Borrowers current on their 1st mortgage simply need a qualifying appraisal and no major credit defects to qualify, subject to terms and criteria available on request.
Close Fast
Homium is a fully digital lender with integrated appraisal, documentation and closing, making it the fastest-to-close home equity loan of its kind.

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