A Loan with No Monthly Payments

Homium is a new way to gain access to the equity you’ve built in your home without interest or a monthly payment. Share a percentage of your home equity with Homium and repay that same percent when you’re ready.
Homium is currently only available for Colorado Residents
Safe & Secure
Why Homium

Unlock your home’s equity, live your life

Homeowners have limited options to unlock their home equity: take on additional monthly debt payments, sell the home and move, or take out an extractive reverse mortgage or HEI product. Now, you can partner with Homium and share a portion of your home’s appreciation and repay only the loan amount plus that pro-rata share when you sell or refinance. No exotic contracts, no hidden math or compromising on what your home is worth. Just a fair and transparent deal, with the freedom to invest your time and money in the things that matter.
No Interest or Monthly Payments
Homium works differently from other loans or lines of credit. Instead of charging interest or collecting monthly payments, your Homium loan appreciates in sync with your home’s value and secures a fixed percent of that value based on the amount you borrow. A Homium loan for 10% of your home’s value today can be repaid at any time for 10% of the final value when you decide to sell or refinance . You don’t need to worry about any payments until you decide to sell or refinance your home.

What can I use a Homium loan for?

Pay Off Debt

Eliminate burdensome debts, reduce stress, and improve financial well-being with Homium's no monthly payment loan.

Home Improvement

Transform your home with Homium and invest in renovations, upgrades and create your dream living space.


Invest in your future by unlocking home equity to further your or your family’s education without a lifetime of monthly payments.

Fund A Business

Fuel your passions and dreams with Homium's loan, supporting startup costs and business growth initiatives.

Recover Your Savings

Replenish your savings or emergency fund with Homium's structured loan, providing financial security and peace of mind.


Stay in your home and unlock your nest egg without adding the pressure of additional monthly payments or an extractive reverse mortgage.
How it works

Quick & Easy Application Process

Homium loans are offered through our trusted originators with a simple and efficient application process, minimizing paperwork and streamlining the loan approval for homeowners.
How it works

Appraisal & Payout

Once your home is appraised and the loan is approved, the funds are yours to use. It’s that easy!
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Homeowner Benefits

[We are Silent partner in your home and only profit if you do]

Fair Lending Solution
allows homeowners to leverage equity from their home at far superior terms than traditional options
No monthly payments or interest charges
Shared appreciation notes funded by Homium come with no monthly payments or interest. Repayment only due upon sale or refinance of owner’s home
Access to Home Equity
Homeowners with money in their pockets improve their homes, invest in education and health, and pay down debt.
Flexibility of cash
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Simple terms
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Easily underwritten & Streamlined Application Process
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Is Homium right for you?

Homium is a no interest, no payment second lien mortgage loan for homeowners looking to access the equity they have built up in their home. Like other home equity loans, it is a recorded second lien on title and has specific requirements.  Homium’s terms are simple, fair and transparent aligning our interests with yours as the homeowner.
What do I need to qualify for a Homium loan?
  • Property located in the State of Colorado (more states soming soon)
  • Owner occupied only
  • Must have a valid first lien/mortgage
  • 1-4 Family, condo or townhome
  • Good credit
  • Well maintained property
What are the requirements for having a Homium loan?
  • Stay current on your taxes and homeowners insurance
  • Keep your property updated and well maintained
  • Stay current on your first mortgage
What happens when I sell or want to refinance?

Contact us as soon as your plans change and we can help you navigate the close-out process.  If you are selling your home arms-length to an unrelated party we will issue a payoff letter based on the home’s sale price.  If you are refinancing with a new lender, we will review your lender’s appraisal or request one from a third party appraisal management company to establish your home’s value before issuing a payoff letter.

What happens if I die before paying off the Homium loan?

If your heirs want to keep the property, there is nothing that needs to be done from a Homium perspective, the lien will remain in place and will be paid off when the home sells or is refinanced as discussed previously.  If they want to sell the property, they should contact us so that we can begin the process of determining the acceptable value and create a payoff demand.

What can I use the Homium funds for?

Whatever you want. Use it for home improvements, college tuition, down payment for your kids to buy their first home.  Literally, anything you want to use your equity funds for is ok with us.

Is interest paid to Homium tax deductible?

IRS guidance is that interest paid on a Homium loan may be deductible at the time it is paid, but we recommend you consult your tax advisor.

What if something changes and I need help?

Call us, we want to help you!  If something happens that affects your property please call us as soon as is possible.  We have found that communication goes a long way in keeping you in your home for the long term.

Is this like a reverse mortgage?

No, other than avoiding monthly payments it is very different.  For example, most reverse mortgages include close-out fees, accrued interest and other costs that just aren’t applicable in a Homium loan. Homium does not charge interest or require monthly payments. We believe that a Homium loan is superior to a reverse mortgage in every aspect, but you should talk to your financial advisor if you are unsure.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions? 

Contact one of our lender partners!  They have are trained on the Homium product and can answer your questions.  You can find that list of lenders here.

What if my home’s value goes down?

If your home has lost value during the term of your loan, you repay only the principal you borrowed.

Are you ready to unlock your home equity?